“We are capable of performing despicable acts of wickedness, it is true. But these acts are performed by unique individuals whom God loves, who were created in His image, meant to live lives of wondrous purpose and righteous fruitfulness, as they flourish under God’s care and direction. When that destiny and identity is perverted, even by their own vile choices, our hatred and disgust should be directed at satan and at all sin—including our own”


But go and learn what this means: “I desire mercy and not sacrifice.”                                                        Jesus of Nazareth

This utterance from Jesus in Matthew 9:13 gets a lot of mileage these days.  People are fond of quoting His statement whenever they think someone is being judgmental. Regardless of the issue, some people seem to feel that you should never have an opinion or concern about certain matters of conscience. For instance, if I say that I disagree with a particular course of action, I am arrogant and bigoted and completely out of step with the message of Jesus.  Because Jesus preached love and acceptance and kindness.

Jesus certainly preached all that, and more. Of course, it is important for our understanding to view that…

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Crimson Stains

Playing-it-Forward: Issac Wimberly

The people had read of this rescue that was coming through the bloodline of Abraham

They had seen where Micah proclaimed about a ruler to be born in Bethlehem

Daniel prophesy about the restoration of Jerusalem

Isaiah’s cry about the Son of God coming to them

So for them—it was anticipation

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Tell Them I Love Them

Evangelist Joyce Meyer sought God for the topic of her first sermon, thinking, she confessed, it would be a mountain moving earth-shattering Word. In response to her inquiry The Lord simply said, “tell them I love them.” Taken aback, she replied , “tell them you love them? That’s the first sermon you want me to preach? A child’s memory verse?!”

They don’t believe it,” He said to her.

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Kill the Law or Kill the Sinner?

My wife and I with some friends watched the summer performance of the epic tale of King Author and Queen Guenevere. You will recall in the play that King Author’s most trusted and renowned knight Lancelot gingerly slipped his toe across the marital boundary. It started with an innocent look. Just a look, without premeditation or an evil intent. However, it was a short, slippery step from a look to lust, from infatuation to the bed of infidelity. The look led to a touch. The touch sometime later led to a kiss. The kiss led to adultery. And the adultery led to tragedy.

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