Lost & Found

I wanna lose myself in love

that can’t be measured

plumb its depths

find its treasure

I wanna sink in the River

soak in the Brine

see the unseen

reverse the mind

I wanna dance on shores

walk the sea

sealed. bound

ultimately free

I wanna give out of lack

spend every dime

reap absurd wealth

wasted to time

I wanna walk out the line

make straight the path

washing feet

subduing wrath

I wanna soar like an eagle

speak to mountains

stroll through gardens

revel at His Fountain

I wanna drink the Water

taste the Wine

stand in the Midst

feel the Son shine

I wanna understand wisdom

freely give

kill my self 

learn to live!

I wanna cling and run

never look back

inhale Light

expel the black

I wanna bow the head

bend the knee

speak the courage

free to be

I wanna lose my self  in Love

scope without human measure

plumb His infinite depths

reap its priceless treasure

justAvoice4Him© Jan 2015



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