I Keep Them on a Bookshelf

Memories I read in passing
evoking thoughts and feelings
Stories written without ink
Transporting with the reeling…

Spicy hills laden with hints of frankincense & myrrh
Crystal goblet of Covenant wine
Married and sanctioned by the oil of The Spirit
Not two but One in the mirrored rhyme

Reflections of glory in pearls and lace
An admonition to remember
The gift of blessing in a trinket box
The impossibilities You deliver

That awful beautiful nail- my God!
Parchment Promises tied with twine
The faintest scent of Your essence
that can never be diminished by time

The cross made good on the promise
The gift box to help me recall
Your redeeming love the message
You are my All in All

I keep them on a bookshelf–
And it only takes a moment, the
briefest glance to catch a view
While others simply pass them by
Little knowing I’m reading You

Memories on a Shelf


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