Just meditating on an incident since yesterday… social media is a weird yet wonderful land, isn’t it? Where else can you flit around like a bird, perch on a branch and tune in to random thoughts and conversations? We’re all a bunch of voyeurs, you know that right? (laughs)

So tempting to ‘grab a dog by the ears’ and join the melee but it’s a safe bet you’ll be bleeding before it’s over. So just mulling this incident and I think… is the Word of God an argument to be won or a lifestyle to be lived and shared? I mean, Jesus didn’t drag unwilling people into His Kingdom, He shared Himself and truth freely- with blunt force honesty when called for, yes but more so with loving gentleness and winsome grace- and those with hungry hearts and thirsty souls, those who ‘had an ear’, were drawn to follow.

I wanna to be beautiful like that.


“The scratched experiment shuns the thorn.” -Eve’s Diary; Mark Twain

“Excuse yourself from any conversations that turn into foolish and uninformed debates because you know they only provoke fights. As the Lord’s slave, you shouldn’t exhaust yourself in bickering; instead, be gentle—no matter who you are dealing with—ready and able to teach, tolerant without resentment, gently instructing those who stand up against you. Besides, the time may come when God grants them a change of heart so that they can arrive at the full knowledge of truth. And if they come to their senses, they can escape the devil’s snare and walk freed from his captivity and evil bidding.

“If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town {or conversation?} and shake the dust off your feet.” -inspired Word of God

2Timothy 2: 22-26 The Voice; Matthew 10:14NIV

Image: http://www.fun2smiles.com/2014/10/29/free-wallpaper/


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