Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

Distracted parents

(Sally Anscombe/Flickr Select/Getty Image)

I was pleasantly interrupted in my daily activities when I received a call from a sweet lady I know. She’s a senior citizen, recently had a medical scare and walks with a cane- a walker right now due to said medical scare but going through therapy to regain her strength. She’s kind and considerate, a bit of a fast talker, syllables get lost or mushed together and I really have to focus to follow the conversation. Sometimes she switches gears pretty quickly, seems we’ve not finished one thought process before we’re onto another!

It’s not annoying, it makes me smile. And not just my face but my heart. She loves the good Lord, gets very emotional about things that grieve her heart, especially the horror humanity perpetrates on one another. She talks about her daddy, crippled and unable to farm and the neighbor whom often left fresh vegetables at their door; the nearest neighbor who was in fact, miles away. She reminds me of a better world.

Somehow we chased a tangent and laughed about caster oil and catnip as a laxative, “the cure-all mama gave whenever I felt peak’id.” What a humorous word. She talked about pin worms and eggshells, toasted and ground to powder, mixed with sugar and administered orally. Who knew of such?

She apologized for interrupting my day and I was quick to reassure her it was a welcome respite. And it was! Technology is a wonderful thing and can connect us in ways never before imagined. But like anything else, when not managed properly we can get unbalanced and out of sync, more connected to people digitally than we are the flesh and blood people in our lives.

There’s only one way to auto-correct that!

Hope you enjoy the video by Prince Ea. He’s into fitness, music and inspiration. You can see more of him @



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