Freedom of Choice or Grand Illusion


Whew! fair warning America, this will tick you off more than anything- but that’s not such a bad thing. Sometimes we need to get angry in the right way or the status quo will never change. Especially when Freedom of choice is nothing more than a grand illusion masking corruption and deception.

It’s a nice concept, Government for the people by the people, but how many really believe we’ve retained that at this point? I’m hardly a political activist but I believe people should care about people and do what is right, ethical and honorable, in every walk of life and by every good standard; especially those in the highest courts of our land!

I’m not sure I’ve ever read a more succinct and easy-to-understand article as the attached, “Documentary Reveals Shocking Extent of Government-Big Business Collusion to Eradicate Freedom of Choice,” by Dr. Joseph Mercola.  Meet him here and be sure to follow up by reading the article referenced below.

I have no skin in the game in promoting Dr. Mercola. His website is one I stumbled onto recently and find to be a wealth of information for those who like to educate themselves regarding their own health. He’s done an incredible job exposing Big Business; a.k.a, the pharmaceutical empire and big Government as relates to our supposed Freedom of choice in everyday life. He comments, “Life is about choice. Every day we make choices that determine how we want to live—what we eat, what we read, whom we elect, and so on. But what if these choices are just an illusion?”

Topic under discussion is basically Government tyranny and how we are skipping along the proverbial garden path, duped and willing participants in our own demise.

He talks about the ban of raw milk, the revolving door between government and corporations- “..Regulators often take their power and influence and join private lobbying firms in return for big paychecks, going from regulating an industry to working FOR that industry, and then back again, like a perpetually revolving door.”  He covers the corruption in our FDA and the rampant conflict of interest; universities profiting from unwitting students in clinical studies, one resulting in death. It’s abhorrent, the lengths some go to for the almighty dollar!

Not really looking for likes or even comments, although both are welcome! Just sharing because sharing is caring and knowledge is power. Educate yourself and share the information. Try not to be too cynical that Dr. Mercola offers a book- there are many resources on his website for free, including downloadable PDF’s on a variety of health subjects.


“Documentary Reveals Shocking Extent of Government-Big Business Collusion to Eradicate Freedom of Choice,”


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