Yea or Nay

Snap of a Finger

Not last resort but first defense
Terminal ill or uncomfortable wince
He did it once, He’s done it since
Straddling some imaginary fence?

A pray and a yea and a hallelujah
Say believe but really do ya
Tune the rock you allowed to slew ya
With a dance and a stance He imbued ya

Did He die just to cry at human griev’in
Yea or nay birthed by the weav’in
Provoking doubt just for deceiv’in
A promise is a promise and He ain’t leav’in

Soak up the Brine and espouse the Promise
He never condemned a doubting Thomas
Un-straddle, don’t strangle in a fitted bodice
Loosen the stays, open the epiglottis

Drink the Water thus swallow the Life
Breathe The Peace, expel the strife
Precision the decision with a Scriptural knife
Our King, the Physician; the Body, His Wife



“The Word of God is the will of God; if it’s in His Word, it’s for you. Take it, it’s yours.” –Dan Downey


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