Laugh or Cry

Marlon Laugh or cry strip

Illustrated by Loz Blackman

Professional opinion is taking on a whole new meaning lately…  trying to research for the best in a physically healthy lifestyle in terms of what I choose to consume makes for grueling reading and a lot of greasy hours!  Not to mention how completely over-whelming it becomes with the mass of conflicting information from professionals– no insult intended towards people of title, rank and IQ’s that rival Einstein but come’on!  When degree’d Professionals in the same field vary so widely on the same subject, what’s a commoner to do?

Turns out there is a solution!  And I’m all about playing it forward.

Extremely economical, only bleed ya the cost of ink.  Unless you get carried away of course, in which case you’ll want to factor in a trip to the ER to er– see a Professional.

Happy day!




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