Writing the Wrongs

Screwing around in the dark, making love in the Light
Wanting to quarry the Day, inside mining the night
And it’s easier to wield the pen than man the fight

“We’re not a jack-in-the-box, popping up when I need You
“A, see ya in a year or two when the bill comes due.”
And its a damaged pot that stirs its own stew

“If sin is your theology, you’re going to lose”
Only ailing Christians swill the blues
And stagger the line, objectifying the view

It’s a desecration of all that’s right
to rue the Day and blame-shift the night
And yeah, it’s easier to pen than man the fight

“Stop writing the wrongs and be the Light”


“My children, do not come to me and tell me that you are engaged in warfare, when in fact you are compromising your faith and allowing the influence of the enemy into your life by choice. Warfare is when you are doing everything in your power to draw close to me and be faithful to me and the enemy is attempting to stop you from doing so. Compromise is when you choose to allow the enemy into your heart and that is not warfare, that is unfaithfulness to me, do not allow your mind to get the two confused, and do not deceive yourselves or think that I cannot see through an excuse of being weak in the flesh, when you throw your flesh to the enemy and allow him to have his way with you, and wallow in your sin and act like it is not a major issue. May I remind you of the price my Son paid for your sin. He was mocked for you, he was beaten for you, he had nails driven through his hands and feet for you, he had a crown of thorns placed upon his head for you, he was separated from me for you, and he experienced death for you, and you can come to me and tell me that you cannot withstand the enemy when I have given you all the tools to do so, and sadly, many times he does not have to do much to entice you away from me because you are half way there before the temptation actually begins. I am raising up an army in these last days, and the ones who compose it must be totally sold out to me, and totally committed to me and I cannot and will not allow those who compromise their faith so easily to serve on the front lines of battle. Make your choice, the decision today is up to you, and it’s not a hard one, choose me or choose the enemy, it’s that simple, and you know from my Word that I will not tolerate indecision and compromise. I love you, but I will not assist you by enabling you to live in sin, you are better than that, so live it..says the Lord your God.,”  ~John Pinion


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