Floating above Water {GIF} by Caught-Ina-Hurricane

Innocence enraptured by temptation
The glimmer of promises too delicious to bear
Fantasy on the backdrop of dreamscapes
Trusting the yearning would transport there

Til time unraveled the mysteries
and delivered to utter despair
Disillusioned and trembling at the deception
Exposed and soul left bare

Where was wisdom while innocence was yet unformed
when innocence died and was tossed to the storm
Left to rail at the forces even as bent to conform
A searing lance in a twisted cruciform

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Rabbit holes – The dark places we find ourselves…

Plumbing my own despair
Finding places where I barely need to breath let alone care…

A common milady, I’m thinking. Really like this one, Pete.

Pete Scribes


Rabbit Holes

Sometimes I find myself
Falling through the cracks
Plunging down those old familiar rabbit holes
Plumbing my own despair
Finding places where I barely need to breath let alone care

Sometimes when I am lost in the dark
The echo of your voice
It still finds me there
And your sweet memory draws me home
My love unknown

© 2015 Peter Anstiss

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Can You Hear Me Now

Thanks to Millinium, both for the nod & his post, Poetry Is Only Dead In White America. 

Through his post, I stumbled onto Rives Def Jam & loved a few of his comments- quoted below. Warning: language

“Last night I dreamt I could hear again- I was little back then but the silence in my house– was deafening.”

“Can you hear me now?” -deaf man’s humor

“I was born as deaf and quiet as a starfish; but, if I had been born a man I would pray to the Lord above every night at the top of my {effing} lungs just to thank Him for giving me- voice.”


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