Love Blows


Is it…

In the wind or on the breath

The life we live or the little death

A trip or fall or headlong rush

Depth of feeling or gentle hush

 Passionate clenches or familiar touches

In visible emotion or emotional crutches

Black or white or a tie-dyed hue

Lack or luster, a distorted view

An endless depth or a shallow base

Linear motion or drifting pace

Love blows softly or torrential wind

The list, the bow, or in the bend

Anchor or anvil or tuning fork

Strength or weakness or twisting torque

A choice we make or unqualified decision

Life-long love or long division

Time well spent or just spending time

Richness of life or a yearning mime

The gleaning of time and/or promises held true

In the one or both, is it me and you?




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