Frigid Hallalujah


Seeding dying souls with truth yet lying to one’s self
Opens the door to freedom as one slides onto a shelf
To hide behind a blurry line and choke satanic dust
Stirring up unholy angst riddled with his lust

Feign like you don’t mean it but there’s no rhyming out the reason
If the shoulder goes the colder can one dupe it’s just a season
There’s no meat left on the bone yet one gnaws into morrow
If reached the bitter end will it bleed to leach the sorrow

Real confusion is the delusion that salts fury with no end
Smoldering flax for the stoking but it’s the Raiment that you rend
‘Cause only nomads point to God when all hell is breaking lose
As if the wrangler holds the key and the jailor ties the noose

It’s a self-imposed exile and a frigid Hallelujah
Feign if you must, His aim was not to slew ya
with bitter gall nor life’s splintered cross
Saving one-and-all in all His loss

Yet if He took the will to force be still
Would it assuage the rage and make one feel
That one gave much in the exchange of all
If freedom’s bidden then give it a law

His aim was true and in all one trusts
There’s life beyond mortal dust-to-dust
It’s the foolish who enter only to exit middle
Revelation reduced to a rhymer’s riddle

‘Cause seeding souls while denying oneself
May save a soul but leaves one left




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