Breath to Ashes

tumblr_nmid9k4VN41qhvhh0o1_500Love breathes to blow a gentle kiss
A blush, a rush, a reminisce
Weaves and winds and turns in the twisting
Cools the burn and heats in the misting

Easily gives yet struggles to hold
Shyly mouthed yet kisses bold
Embalms youth, prolongs living
Returns a gift in the process of giving

Restive yearning comes happy jubilation
Crash the party and– devastation
Taken for granted, valued too low
Mending heartache and leaving woe

Rich reward earns a meager stipend
When hoarding time and spending a trifling
Left to diffuse leaves a pungent odor
Misconception to the hearts encoder

Kisses dwindle and love breathes on ashes
Today caresses, tomorrow gnashes
Two broken hearts can never make whole
What kindles fire, darkens cold



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