Can You Hear Me Now

Thanks to Millinium, both for the nod & his post, Poetry Is Only Dead In White America. 

Through his post, I stumbled onto Rives Def Jam & loved a few of his comments- quoted below. Warning: language

“Last night I dreamt I could hear again- I was little back then but the silence in my house– was deafening.”

“Can you hear me now?” -deaf man’s humor

“I was born as deaf and quiet as a starfish; but, if I had been born a man I would pray to the Lord above every night at the top of my {effing} lungs just to thank Him for giving me- voice.”


There’s something about hearing a poem being performed that feels like listening to music: the delivery, pitch, and rhythm are tailored to create just the right reaction and hit you in a very specific way. Whether they’re talking about their first love, worst job, or unbelievable college experience, these slam poets use language and voice like no one else you’ve ever heard. Give them a listen:


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