Searching for meaning to qualify existence
Deify self and pray for assistance
Repetitive selfish lurid sodomy
Too arrogantly vain to detect the dichotomy

Trying to find some semblance of reasonable reason
for living and loving and striving for seizin
while on the giant cosmic screen we’ve become a parody
Know in universal time there’s no disparity

If life’s a stage we’re the laughable comedy
Melodies passivized hum a siren-psalmody
Fueled by futility to give life the finger
Living-color episodes rival Jerry Springer

Want but won’t and rage at the life-lines
Could do but don’t and rage at the confines
With no leg to stand on where’s the knee to bow
Sleep through the carnage or stand on the prow

and watch the world die as her children cry
with bleeding skin and a father that lies
so all can test the Water without drinking the Wine
lie at Deity’s feet and mock Him a shrine

Begs the questions

Why get married if we’re already buried
Why the ceremony if we’re already dead



“There are stirrings in the heart of men that must be subdued.”


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