Floating above Water {GIF} by Caught-Ina-Hurricane

Innocence enraptured by temptation
The glimmer of promises too delicious to bear
Fantasy on the backdrop of dreamscapes
Trusting the yearning would transport there

Til time unraveled the mysteries
and delivered to utter despair
Disillusioned and trembling at the deception
Exposed and soul left bare

Where was wisdom while innocence was yet unformed
when innocence died and was tossed to the storm
Left to rail at the forces even as bent to conform
A searing lance in a twisted cruciform

Dancing in the rain is a counterstain
To standing in the eye of a hurricane
Held captive by the strength of gale-force chains
And wherever you’re tossed, there you’re lain

to drown in the tranquility of the mundane



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