Cold Love

The Big Chill

No, not the movie.

There’s been a snippet of Biblical Scripture gnawing at my conscience lately- for the last couple of weeks it just keeps popping into the forefront of my mind without compulsion.  And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.

Matt 24_Cold Love

It can be a challenge to walk in love towards people whom exhibit anything but lovable behavior; be it religious fanatics or that family member sitting across the table.  The more I see, read and hear of society today the less I personally desire to interact with people beyond a surface level.  It’s a battle I believe all people will face; more so Christ-followers, the persecution towards Christianity increasing exponentially with every year that passes, almost down to the minute at this stage.

In researching the Scripture, I stumbled onto and decided to share an excellent article on the subject, already very well written and publicized via The Jeremiah Project, posted as the Increase of Wickedness.  If you read the article and access the links, and I really hope you do, please be warned the subsequent video footage is very hard to stomach.  Not to mention utterly heart-rending.

Big Chill_Jeremiah Project

God save us from ourselves!

Let your heart not be troubled, nor let it be dismayed.  Pray.



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