In Other News…

Have you herd heard?

“The Chinese scientist behind the world’s biggest cloning factory has technology advanced enough to replicate humans, he told AFP, and is only holding off for fear of the public reaction.

Most Christians refer to The Book of Genesis as the beginning of Creation, yet  in Proverbs the Bible reveals Wisdom as God’s very first creation.

Thank God for the exceptional abilities He gave mankind and all He created on earth to be found and utilized as a blessing to and for His people.  Yet, as with all things, wisdom can be used for good or evil– the same gun that protects the innocent murders the innocent.  It’s not the gun that is good or evil, that’s on the person and their actions; hence, accountability!

Having said that, and for the sake of argument, compare cloning to agriculture.  It’s a known fact, Science changed the natural laws of farming and in a bid to make faster, cheaper, plentiful food, Science introduced sickness, disease and death.  Ever heard of Monsanto?

Time and time again, we hear Monsanto executives and others from Big Biotech using the same tired old lines for defending their products in the face of criticism: GMOs are needed to “feed a growing world,” they’ve been known to repeat to any journalism with a notepad or a microphone.

And we want to tamper with genetics to the point we clone people? What could possibly go wrong here?

health-121912-003-617x416-300x202Human cloning is bound to devastate parenting and family life, apart from creating unbalance in society. It will be ridiculous to see how cloning shall separate reproduction from love and human relationship. The value of life shall diminish because one shall virtually become immortal. Cloning will undermine the elements of loving, caring, nurturing a family and accepting every child as unique. Parents will only end up making efforts for getting cloned children who are intelligent and extraordinary.


whenever man has tried to interfere with nature’s self-regulatory systems, he has involuntarily invited havoc.

The very idea that societal fluctuations are or should be the plumb line for what is morally acceptable- and in fact can be made so by any governing body, select group or institution, is adjunct at best, sacrilegious at worst.  We’re simply not that smart- or that good!

There’s only one way to be free of fragile decaying flesh whose only end is death and it’s not found in a cream, a pill or reconstituted body parts grown in a Petri dish.

Before every person lies a road that seems to be right, but the end of that road is death and destruction.

God gave us the answer, the only option given.

Now that’s not widely accepted in the drive-thru give-it-to-me-my-way and give-it-to-me-now society we live in, nor is it politically correct considering we’re programmed to believe Truth is subjective.  Matter of fact, God’s answer may offend for any number of reasons- I’ve found Truth often does when we’re on the wrong side of it- but that doesn’t negate Truth, our accountability or responsibility to share it.

   If someone comes from heaven above, he ranks above it all and speaks of heavenly things. If someone comes from earth, he speaks of earthly things. The One from the heavens is superior; He is over all.  He reveals the mysteries seen and realities heard of the heavens above, but no one below is listening. Those who are listening and accept His witness to these truths have gone on record. They acknowledge the fact that God is true!  The One sent from God speaks with the very words of God and abounds with the very Spirit and essence of God. The Father loves the Son and withholds nothing from Him. Those who believe in the Son will bask in eternal life, but those who disobey the Son will never experience life. They will know only God’s lingering wrath.





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