As The Sages Roll

They say night believes he conquered Day, mocking a Knight that merely slipped away
In quaking earth and rending thunder, what tills the soil ripped the veil asunder

While over The Book and beneath we fell, wretched lives live beyond the pale
Where deaf to hear only evil speaks, hatred grows stronger as the strong grow weak
And enemies rage to plot their kills, hearts waxed cold forget to feel

Scientist study and armies align; even believers believe great numbers a sign
The majority folds and minorities rule, everybody’s winning and nobody’s a fool
Promiscuity laughs as she spreads her thighs, dissonance claps as the people defy
While time she tells of a Distant Day, pointing back to history to lead The Way
From the beginning She warns of the lie, yet Wisdom cries loudly to disinterested eyes

Greatness diminished by greed and pride, blur the lines to delineate sides
Barren land with babies to sell, too proud to kneel oblivious She fell
Mourn the lost while gathering few, making light of darkness in a Petri stew
Gender is neutral and sex can change, faux-love excuses and nothing is strange
Tolerance thrives to rule amuck, Light rejected can only count on luck

They say even the Elect begin to waver; pottery cracks and dilutes the savor
No servant to serve leads loyalty to run, misplaced trust deflects the Son
Enemies rule with evil prevail, mistaking the spike that was the strike of a knell
The land is locked and everything is free, I is disguised in riddles of we
Lives are wasting while kingdoms spend; everybody’s neighbor is nobody’s friend
The minds of the day search the Key, yet it’s the Chosen choosers that will be what they be

The end will come and a new Beginning, no skirmish to fight to hold the winning
The Morning Star rises and Pure Love prevails, mended clay honored to shine the tale
Not hopeless darkness that once slew Day, but Light without shadow blazing The Way
In power and love and unmatched glory- The Way, The Truth, the Light of The Story
No worry to fear, no reason to run, kneeling in darkness illuminates the Son…


They say night believed he conquered Day, blinded by Light that merely slipped away
Till the moon bleeds red and powder stars fall
Luminance mocks darkness to see He saw


Eclipse At The Cross: Who Is He?

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