Silence Kills


In a world that can’t see God ‘cause she can’t lose sight of self
Tarries weary, jaded warriors tempted to climb onto a shelf

Burdened by guilt and weighted by sin~ dimmers of the Light
Love is bound and wolves surround when blinded by the night

But dusty tomes have no voice and in silence who will see
Darkness cannot dim the Light nor shackle those made free

Repent the sin forgive yourself and always choose to live
Don’t douse a light or hoard a gift in all ways given to give

Cause while people search and sheeple church masses fall in the battle
Recall Saul bit the proverbial dust- but he was Paul when he resumed the saddle!


Sovereign God forgives and heals the repentant– our only part is to CONFESS-TURN AWAY and willfully choose to accept His forgiveness.  Not an emotion or a feeling- fact. 

What does the Bible say?


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