Feelings Sometimes Lie

Somewhere in the middle of all that emotion is a core of s†eel

And it won’t beg and it won’t bend

It’s real


Isaiah 50:7 The Voice (VOICE)

The prophet speaks, but his words are those of the Servant of God. The Servant is in tune with God, the Master Teacher. He teaches as he has been taught, and—for the first time it seems—He understands that suffering is an integral part of the work God has for him. The reality for God’s Servant and any who follow him is this: to be close with God means to be at odds with people.

Because the Lord, the Eternal, helps me I will not be disgraced;
so, I set my face like a rock, confident that I will not be ashamed.

Streams of mercy flowing down
Light of Heaven all around
And it’s falling to the ground

Blow, Mighty breath of God
Move upon this place
Blow, Mighty breath of God
Won’t you move, in power and grace?

Spirit fire, fan the flame
Passion for your Holy name
Burning everything


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