Topped from the Bottom

Once upon a brilliant Star
In burrows near and countries far
There came a Knight to stable Lands
Seeking Followers He magnetized fans

Dearth of looks and of humble carriage
Blue-blood stock if lowly marriage
A displaced Kingdom for a King foretold
Yet they knew Him not and when He was sold

He healed man’s souls and shouldered shame
Forgave crooked fingers casting criminal blame
Though Spirit-begotten He’d die a mortal
Life forfeit transforms death transportal

Their borrowed King broken all shrinking fans fled
In dismal comradery even Followers fear dead
And as a greedy gothic Hill absorbs the Royal spill
A cineaste Witness watches lie swallow reel

A cinematic moment wholly epic in scope!
Sovereign disrobed satan in the presence of Hope
The upper hand then goes to Man though evil opted fail
Topped from the bottom with the rending of the Veil

Hell’s bowels quake to prison breaks only to hear the Heavens sing
Sovereign debunked Lucifer and death then lost its sting!
Mistaking weakness in acquiesce the proud deign to critique
Yet it’s the humble who will find what stoking egos only seek

For with the rolling of a stone came the gifting of the Promise
In the Presence of Divinity quiets a doubting Thomas
Through the love of Abba Father His adoption now to savor
Precious Holy Spirit and Truth that cannot waver

Tried and true though black and blue
Followers with Heaven sing
Burn His Words and all the flags too
But you can’t kill The King




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