White Picket Lies

Happy ever after dreams
the youthful senseless
Lurid promised ecstasy
utterly wastes defenseless

‘Til writhing one lies
little deaths to surrender
Fatted candle smoking cold
shrunken heart refuses tinder

Mourns grow all the older
a gaping dearth of living
Once convinced of running
chagrined to now be driven

Shattered shards and jagged pieces
white picket lies that secret truth
Proselytize the masses
Sacrifice the youth

Two worlds and two wrongs
neither quite enough
Armor for the solider
thicker skin for the tough

Resistant to the scalpel
resigns to mask the pain
Mindless the asylum
numbing for the sane



Wives, it should be no different with your husbands. Submit to them as you do to the Lord, for God has given husbands a sacred duty to lead as the Anointed leads the church and serves as the head. (The church is His body; He is her Savior.)  So wives should submit to their husbands, respectfully, in all things, just as the church yields to the Anointed One.

Husbands, you must love your wives so deeply, purely, and sacrificially that we can understand it only when we compare it to the love the Anointed One has for His bride, the church. We know He gave Himself up completely to make her His own, washing her clean of all her impurity with water and the powerful presence of His word.  He has given Himself so that He can present the church as His radiant bride, unstained, unwrinkled, and unblemished—completely free from all impurity—holy and innocent before Him.  So husbands should care for their wives as if their lives depended on it, the same way they care for their own bodies. As you love her, you ultimately are loving part of yourself (remember, you are one flesh).  No one really hates his own body; he takes care to feed and love it, just as the Anointed takes care of His church,  because we are living members of His body. 

“And this is the reason a man leaves his father and his mother and is united with his wife; the two come together as one flesh.” There is a great mystery reflected in this Scripture, and I say that it has to do with the marriage of the Anointed One and the church.  Nevertheless, each husband is to love and protect his own wife as if she were his very heart, and each wife is to respect her own husband.The Voice

Jimmy Evans is a self proclaimed male-chauvinist pig.  The interview below is seriously humorous yet frankly honest about behavior that is anything but Godly.

But God…

Powerful testimony of a failed marriage on the rocks.. found purchase on the Rock and now bleed life into marriages all around the globe.  Score one for the Redeemer!

Jimmy and Karen know firsthand that no marriage is hopeless. The first few years of their own marriage were tumultuous and almost ended in divorce. Only by applying the principles that they now teach were they able to save their relationship. Today, after 40 years together, they understand that no matter how bleak a marriage may appear, every couple has a 100% chance of success in marriage. In fact, it can thrive!

“We’ve learned through personal experience that no matter how it may appear right now…no matter what kinds of challenges your marriage faces…no matter how high or thick the walls between you and your spouse may be…your relationship can be whole, fulfilling, exciting and strong,” Jimmy says. “And if it’s good now, it can get even better.”

“..I just wanted her to take one for the team.” Jimmy Evans, on the topic of sex in relation to marriage and relationship with his wife.

Jimmy_Karen_Evans_Marriage Today.PNG
Marriage Today

A better marriage is possible! We believe that, with the right information and a mutual commitment to success, even the most unhealthy relationships can be healed. In the categories below, you’ll find resources to begin that process of restoration and growth.-Marriage Today: Jimmy & Karen Evans



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