Judgement Begins

Please let me preface this message by confessing- I am not a ‘doomsday prophet’ by any stretch of the imagination.  I’m simply one who has been recused by God more than once for having gone astray in ignorance and sin- being blessed with understanding I could not receive outside of relationship with Him.

This is not a memo of fear or condemnation- I trust my Sovereign and I pray for His guidance, grace and mercy; not only for myself and my family but for all peoples, and especially this beautiful land He’s blessed me to call home: The United States of America. 

The video link below is chilling.  Understanding that God’s grace is sufficient for ALL (even our enemies) and that anyone can be saved if they choose rightly, I truly believe the spirit behind this evil infiltrated our ranks not with blazing guns but stealthy, many using the laws of our land against us and our open-door policy to ‘set up camp’ as it were, perpetuating a faux peaceful assimilation into our society with the intent to bring us down from the inside.  *It is a tenant of their ‘faith’ from what I understand to be disingenuous in order to bring others into subjection and slavery.  For the misguided multitudes of this ilk– the horrible description of intent discussed so cavalierly is exactly what could happen if we as a people continue on the road we’re on.

“For the time for judgment has come, and it is beginning with the household of God. If it is starting with us, what will happen to those who have rejected God’s good news?”1 Peter 4:17The Voice (VOICE)

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When the Twin Towers fell in New York City, we experienced terror on our own soil in a way most of us never expected to experience in our lifetimes, especially in the United States of America. I recall hearing people flocked to Churches seeking God– for a moments comfort? Because weeks later many faded back into the fabric of society and life as they knew it.

In Biblical history enemy armies were often allowed to come against God’s people when they became unfaithful to Him- either in sinful acts of dissolution or outright rebellion- and yes, they too ran to God when calamity struck; yet, only through much suffering and death did they come back to repentance and grace. The Bible records the children of Israel- God’s children! were in slavery to Pharaoh for FOUR HUNDRED YEARS before God rescued them as a result of their repentance and continual prayers for His help.  That’s a long time to suffer needlessly.

Our God is SOVEREIGN and while He is the ultimate antitheses of a harsh task master, He is a jealous God. NO ONE- man or fabricated deity- deserves His reverence (respect) and worship (our hearts and lifestyles)  And so it should be

If we as American’s, and especially we professing Christians, do not get alone with our Sovereign in the closet room of prayer and allow Him to show us individually where we are or may be in error- what choice will He have in MERCY but to allow calamity to come? The only other option would be to allow us to continue on the broad path that leads straight to damnation and eternal separation from Him and He is simply unwilling to give up on us to that degree. That’s the real hell- Jesus will never be showing up to rescue at that point. The decision is on us while we have breath and opportunity and it is being made right now by us.

The Bible gives the revelation there are only two Kingdoms- the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness. By our fruits (words/actions/lifestyles) we show clearly our God and others which side we’re on

This particular Election Year is pivotal in my opinion: in fear and anger (tools of the enemy) rather than righteousness and faith, even Christians are looking to mere men to save our country and not our Sovereign; our ONLY hope and any real protection against the insidious enemy that is ALREADY in our midst.

God Knows

God is for us not against us- He loves us and He’s proven it by sacrificing His own Son, Jesus Christ.  His Word has been proven over eons of time. He proves Himself once you come to Him in humility and repentance, not because He has to but because He can do nothing else. His Word is His Bond- it’s His character!  He will always be true to His Word even when we are not.  Not one jot or tittle will pass away, He said, but every Word fulfilled.


These simple verses capture the heart of the good news. Lowering Himself, the sinless Jesus took our sin upon Himself and canceled its power through His death and resurrection. As believers are united with Him, they are raised up with Him and embody God’s righteousness, experiencing forgiveness, reconciliation, and new life. This righteousness is a new creation gift that can never be separated from the Giver, and so believers only experience it because they are “in Him.”  As for those of us working as His emissaries, we beg you not to take the grace of God lightly For God says through Isaiah,

When the time was right, I listened to you;
and that day you were delivered, I was your help.

 Read here: 2 Corinthians 6The Voice (VOICE)

It’s never too late to do the right thing!  We can literally turn the tide in our country if we will simply turn back to God and allow Him to heal our hearts and renew our minds.  A healed heart is a changed perspective!  Spiritual truths need spiritual clarity- and only relationship with our Sovereign peels back the veil over our own eyes and reveals the clear understanding our God desires us to have; of Him, ourselves in relation to Him and the world around us. 

Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.  ´El Shaddai, God of the Angel Armies! is on our side when we are on His.  If God be for us, who can be against us?  What can man do?  Don’t fear men who can kill the body- fear (reverence) the One who can kill the body and cast the soul into hell.  Even so, God’s heart is not to use fear tactics to draw His people.  His hand is extended this very day in love and restoration.

May God bless you and I to hear His voice clearly, to heed His warnings in the spirit and heart of love they flow from and become safe and secure in relationship through His Son, Jesus Christ- who was and is and is to come!  Glory to His name alone.



  A prayer of faith:

Sovereign God, in Jesus name I come in repentance seeking grace and forgiveness.  I know according to Your Holy Word I am a sinner- forgive me God.  Wash me and cleanse me and make me whole.  Come into my heart this day and be my God forever.  In Jesus name, amen (so be it)

Praise God for you!  If you prayed that from the heart, you are saved and secure in Christ.  Dive into the Bible- allow Him to reveal Himself to you as you contemplate His truths and conversate with Him.  He is listening and available to all who come in humility and honestly from the heart.


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