Hey Little Girl

I’m staring at the broad side of fifty and even now when I call my mom she answers, without fail, hey little girl


Spiritually, I’ve faced some pretty difficult days in the past year- much of my own making in all honesty- some of the worst since I came to personally know my Lord Jesus. {It’s not what happens it’s how we choose to respond}  While it’s our right and privilege to hear from our God, we can work ourselves into places where our spirit is dislocated and the mind so burdened our ears  become dull of hearing.

I love the way God loves us.  Even there, where we may feel all alone in our dark space God is speaking.  He’s always speaking.  And thankfully, He can do so in a myriad of ways and as many avenues.  Imagine my surprise and delight when I recently found this poem entitled, Hey Little Girl tucked inside a Kindle Poetry Book, Traveling Light.  While poetry is always subjective, I instantly perceived Him calling me to Himself through these written words- just as surely as if I’d heard His gentle voice.

He’s always extending the invitation to come– right where we are.

In His Love,

Hey little girl
(from Kaleidoscope)

Hey, little girl,
Where are you going?

Before you fade
Into the dark
Wander into this yellow light;

Flick your hair,
Jump into the sea,
Take a running leap of sheer faith.

Cut the surf at a run,
Feeling its cold cascade
Fall into the depths of the sea.

Kindle your spark,
Keep shining
In the heat of the sun;

Summer daze,
Trivial gaze,
Lazy haze –
Stay a while and turn your head.

Keep smiling
Before it fades
With the waves,

Trickling into the shapes
Of lost feet in the sand.

Travelling light – Vickie Johnstone. Kindle Edition

Trust w_o Borders_Arabah Joy

Purchase here: Trust-Without-Borders-Devotional-Strengthen

Painting by Peta Waite
Shared by permission



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