Love Bites

Tornadoes and hurricanes get more news coverage; but in reality, termites do more damage.

its them little foxes

distort tales noxious

sight blinded by braille


Love is Blind_Tatoo
S.He is Braille

Good day! I took a little creative license here with a haiku and played on words a bit- I relish a meaningful haiku when I really wanna spew and know I need to bite my tongue! ; P Obviously, the memes aren’t gender specific; Goose and Gander, we all meander…nothing new under the sun.

We write best what we’re feeling most deeply and when it comes to love and intimate relationship– well, many times the devil is in the details.  Many times, we wear the horns!

If you’re not one to click links and so glossed over little foxes, let me redirect here to the Spirit Watch.  Yes, little foxes has a distinct spiritual connotation but hey, you don’t have to be a theologian to benefit from the Spirit Watch article!  Ouch.  No wonder we can’t live with any success by how we feel!

Pulling on the big girl panties…

Blessings on the journey y’all.


Life is 10% what happens, 90% how we choose to respond

Make Peace


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