Redeemer’s Glory

From old wives tales to religious wars
to barely scabbed wounds and canker lores

From bitter ends and fleshly false starts
to truth-weary warriors with laden-stained hearts

From Always Was to Skull Dug Hill
to shoulder the cost to enemy kill

From black and blue to true blood red
to redemption’s joy \o/ He’s never been dead!



Beautiful summation of Biblical truth attached! People only reject Christianity out of misunderstanding.

One of my favorite quotes from Jesus’ recorded prayers and one I’ve brought to Him personally as a prayer 》 “..I didn’t lose one,” speaking of the initial twelve disciples.(exempting Judas, who chose to reject the Grace that would have forgiven and saved him)

The fact is, while not all rejected Him, they ALL failed Him miserably; just like most of us have or do (hand raised here)  But the Lord kept, protected, forgave (repeatedly), healed, restored and sustained- right up to their last breath!

He still does that for us today. So it’s not about having it all figured out or being perfect to come and be saved/safe- before OR after. It’s just a desire for Relationship and life!  He perfects His love in us in Relationship.

He’ll get us there- if we’ll just come to Him. It’s not something to put off- not when that last breath could be the next.

In His love,


The most important fact of all history – and that which radically transforms everything else – is the resurrection of Yeshua from the dead (תחייתו של משיח)… Spiritual life means being awake to the risen reality and Presence of Yeshua, the One who Overcame and vanquished the power of death. Without Him we are hopeless; with Him we are more than conquerors (1 Cor. 15:14; Rom. 8:37). The resurrection means Yeshua is forever alive, and that today he hears your heart’s cry. He is surely able to help you and nothing can overthrow his invincible will. Our Lord suffered and died for your inner peace and healing, but now death has no hold over him, and he “ever lives to make intercession for you” (Rom. 6:9, Heb. 7:25). He is your compassionate Advocate (παράκλητος, lit. “one called alongside”) who gives you heavenly comfort (1 John 2:1). Even more: The very power that raised Yeshua from the dead now dwells in you (Rom. 8:11). The miracle of new life is “Messiah in you – the hope of glory” (Col. 1:27). The Lord will never leave you nor forsake you (Heb 13:5): He “sticks closer than a brother” (Prov. 18:24); He sustains your way, and he will perfect the work of salvation on your behalf (Jude 1:24). In short, there simply is no “gospel” message apart from the resurrection! The resurrection is the victory of God’s plan of salvation – His everlasting vindication over the powers of darkness – for your life.
Hebrew for Christians


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