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In Christendom, the fact we have an enemy that works tirelessly against Sovereign God’s Kingdom, and by extension we His people, has no bearing on who we are in Christ; and after all, until his allotted time is done, what’s a doomed enemy-devil to do but try to wreak havoc?

“War broke out in Heaven. Michael and his Angels fought the Dragon. The Dragon and his Angels fought back, but were no match for Michael. They were cleared out of Heaven, not a sign of them left. The great Dragon—ancient Serpent, the one called Devil and Satan, the one who led the whole earth astray—thrown out, and all his Angels thrown out with him, thrown down to earth. Then I heard a strong voice out of Heaven saying,

Salvation and power are established!
    Kingdom of our God, authority of his Messiah!
The Accuser of our brothers and sisters thrown out,
    who accused them day and night before God.
They defeated him through the blood of the Lamb
    and the bold word of their witness.
They weren’t in love with themselves;
    they were willing to die for Christ.
So rejoice, O Heavens, and all who live there,
    but doom to earth and sea,
For the Devil’s come down on you with both feet;
    he’s had a great fall;
He’s wild and raging with anger;
    he hasn’t much time and he knows it.
Revelation 12: 10-12 The Message

Many of you, My people, need to rest–not just physically, but spiritually.  Your rest will come when you cast your burden on Me and trust Me to undertake on your behalf.  Stop striving.  Stop worrying.  And come into a place of solid faith; not hoping, but knowing that I am with you to help and strengthen you, says the Lord.  [Isaiah 38:14 Like a crane or a swallow, so I chattered; I mourned like a dove; my eyes fail from looking upward. O LORD, I am oppressed; undertake for me!]  –Rhama Word via SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND by Marsha Burns

Once we come to God through Jesus in repentance, the Bible says we are literally translated out of darkness and into the Son of God’s Love–  meaning the enemy no longer has authority or control over us- by our choice we transfer ourselves back into ownership to our rightful Authority: our Triune Godhead; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Positionally, we are now who the Bible says we are and according to God’s will, we can have what He says we can have and do what He says we can do.  We follow the mandate to train ourselves to righteousness by reading His Word, petitioning His Divine assistance in putting it into action and then simply resting in His finished Work.

Take a listen to this prayer our Savior prayed to our Sovereign for us before He ascended to Heaven to take His rightful place at the right hand of God.  Notice the lack of religion in his petition, merely reverent conversation borne out of secure Relationship.

I will no longer be physically present in this world, but they will remain in this world. As I return to be with You, holy Father, remain with them through Your name, the name You have given Me. May they be one even as We are one. While I was physically present with them, I protected them through Your name. I watched over them closely; and only one was lost, the one the Scriptures said was the son of destruction. Now I am returning to You. I am speaking this prayer here in the created cosmos alongside friends and foes so that in hearing it they might be consumed with joy. I have given them Your word; and the world has despised them because they are not products of the world, in the same way that I am not a product of the corrupt world order. Do not take them out of this world; protect them from the evil one.

Like Me, they are not products of the corrupt world order. Immerse them in the truth, the truth Your voice speaks. In the same way You sent Me into this world, I am sending them.  It is entirely for their benefit that I have set Myself apart so that they may be set apart by truth. ~Jesus: John 17:11-19The Voice (VOICE)

Our responsibility is obedience to our God and His Word, living up to the Principles we know and understand to the best of our ability. [the italliiced line is a Word of encouragement from the Holy Spirit in my past…we perfectionist have a hellish time of it when we fail to live up to the high mark of God’s call. If you too can identify with that disposition, please receive His encouragement and rest– He’s not looking for perfection, but people who desire to be perfected.]  Rather than living in guilt, fear, weakness and lack, we are to bring those issues to our Lord and trust our Sovereign to supply the needs and/or answers- just as a little child trusts a parent.

The Levite order of priests took office without an oath, but this man Jesus became a priest through God’s oath:

The Eternal One has sworn an oath and cannot change His mind: You are a priest forever.

So we can see that Jesus has become the guarantee of a new and better covenant. Further, the prior priesthood of the sons of Levi has included many priests because death cut short their service, but Jesus holds His priesthood permanently because He lives His resurrected life forever. From such a vantage, He is able to save those who approach God through Him for all time because He will forever live to be their advocate in the presence of God. –Hebrews 7:21-25The Voice (VOICE)

In His Rest,


It would be remiss of me not to ask…are you ready to receive God’s gift of Life through His Son, Jesus Christ?  For those seeking, here’s an excerpt with a simple explanation and a simple prayer from Plan of Salvation…please visit the weblink for more detail or click on follow up on our commitment at the end.   God bless you for taking such a momentous step- I’m thrilled for you! [Angie]

In the Bible, a jailer asked his prisoners, Paul and Silas: “’Sirs, what must I do to be saved?’ So they said, ‘Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved.’” (Acts 16:30-31).

It’s very clear in the Bible, believe in Jesus as the one who bore your sins, died in your place, was buried, and whom God resurrected. It’s Christ’s blood and resurrection that assures us of everlasting life when we call on Him as our Lord and Savior. “For whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved.” (Romans 10:13). “Whosoever” includes each and every one of us.

Therefore, if you understand that you are a sinner, and you believe that Jesus Christ came as ??????????????????????????the one and only Redeemer of sin, then you understand the plan of salvation. The question is – are you ready to implement the plan, by receiving God’s gift of His Son, Jesus Christ? If so, believe in Christ, repent of your sins, and commit the rest of your life to Him as Lord:

“Father, I know that I have broken your laws and my sins have separated me from You. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life toward You. Please forgive me, help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.”

If you decided to receive Jesus today, welcome to God’s family. Now, as a way to grow closer to Him, the Bible tells us to follow up on our commitment…



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