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Eternal One: That’s right. From this know that I am watching over My word until it is accomplished. The Voice (VOICE) Jeremiah 1:12

I have seen these people,’ the LORD said to Moses, and they are a stiff-necked people. Now leave me alone so that my anger may burn against them and that I may destroy them. Then I will make you into a great nation. Exodus 32:9-10

The people have utterly rebelled against God by substituting idols and attributing God’s salvation to them. This is treason against the Monarch. This is rebellion.

God is angry — “wroth,” you might say. Cole calls this “a deliberate ‘anthropopathism,’ [anthropos mankind + pathos feelings, passion] describing God’s feelings in human terms, as being more comprehensible to us.  “Now, now….,” some people might chide God. “You shouldn’t be angry. Anger is an emotion that can get you in trouble, God. Cool down. Be calm and serene.” Yeah, right! Is that the way you act when you are challenged? Of course not! God gave us the emotion of anger so that we might act in the face of unrighteousness and challenge rather than remain passive. It is a defense mechanism that we need for survival.

God’s anger at sin can’t be understood apart from his own holiness, his separateness from sin, his nature utterly opposed to injustice, sin, and human degradation. Our sins offend God’s very character. The Bible contains hundreds of statements of God’s anger at sin. We, too, are told, “Let those who love the LORD hate evil” (Psalm 97:10a).

If you can’t accept an angry God, then you won’t be able to understand him. If God’s anger at sin offends you, then you have placed yourself above God as his judge, with no understanding of God’s holiness or his mercy. Is God’s anger merely an anthropomorphism, a solely human attribute projected upon God? I don’t think so. That’s too easy a dismissal of a characteristic of God which is enmeshed in our entire revelation of him and his character.

Then the LORD relented and did not bring on his people the disaster he had threatened. Exodus 32:14

God tells Moses that he will destroy the nation of Israel, and reconstruct the nation from Moses’ own offspring. Since Moses himself is a direct descendant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, God’s promises to the patriarchs would be fulfilled. God had destroyed mankind once and restarted it with Noah and his descendants (Genesis 6-8); Moses has every reason to believe that God is quite serious.

Moses’ intercession is a clear example of someone who has taken God’s interests into his heart as his own. Even though in a way Moses’ own family would benefit from God’s proposal as the New Patriarchs, Moses appeals to God, boldly interceding for the people of Israel, pleading for mercy rather than condemnation upon them. And in the end God relents and responds positively to Moses’ prayer…

…The article, Moses’ Intercession for Israel by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson is simply profound.  That mere human beings have the ability to move Sovereign God’s hand is almost too deep to wrap our head around.

It’s been said The United States of America is found nowhere in the End Time Biblical Prophecies, while current Countries of our time are easily depicted; China, Russia, etc.  I’ve heard two scenarios- either we’ve been blown off the map or Jesus returned for His own and so many American’s were Raptured there weren’t enough here to prohibit the taking over by another people.  I’m believing and petitioning for that second alternative!

If you care about yourself, your family and this great Nation we call home, I implore you to read, study and pursue the deeper truths of our Sovereign’s Word, and especially the power of prayer.  Even as babes in Christ, our prayers can move mountains.  It’s not about longevity or gargantuan faith, it’s about purity of heart accompanied by untainted faith.

I don’t know where you are spiritually, but I personally want to pray big, giant, hairy, gargantuan prayers that only my Sovereign can perform.  I want my Country back!

Let suit up, guys and start pushing back the lines!

In His Strength,


“Father, forgive me. So often I act as if prayer isn’t really that important. Teach me in my heart of hearts the power of prayer that I might be used by you to influence my generation for Christ. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.” -by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson


2016 National Day of Prayer
May 5th

Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it and indulge it will eat its fruit and bear the consequences of their words.  Proverbs 18:21 AMPLIFIED BIBLE


personal declarations


*Featured Photo an actual war memorial in a public park in King City, North Carolina.  Due to litigation, the memorial was removed as mandated by Court Order in January 2015.

“King, a small city of about 6,000 people 15 miles north of Winston-Salem, dedicated the memorial about a decade ago. But the statue was removed Tuesday night, immediately after The King city council voted 3-2 to end the lawsuit. Now, an empty hole can be seen where the statue once stood.”

Empty hole. How prophetic.  Considering God is the foundation of our heritage and our Freedoms, it is a tragic bit of irony that an American citizen and veteran would find the Founding Religion of our Country offensive to the point of litigation.  What other Country or People are being bullied into denying their own heritage for the sake of a dissenting few?

Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything

“As part of the agreement, the King City Council also said it would stop flying the Christian flag over the memorial and would pay $500,000 to Americans United for Separation of Church and State for the legal costs the group incurred bringing the lawsuit on behalf of local Afghanistan War veteran Steven Hewett.”


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