inclusive Light incestuous cover


The whole wide world abhors

a saintly-painted virtuous whore

stained a righteous Triune Color

Rendezvous did ever sully


Change merely worthless deceitful dross

greed too blind to count the cost

so borrowed tainted mocking lovers

inclusive Light incestuous cover


Rambling down the serpentine line

darkened Nave the glaring sign

while Interests map to inculcate digits

Distraction’s dope is Freedom’s widgets


Echoing Eternity calls time-to-time

to grip the rip and shame the crime

lo alien scars toe purchase behind bars

Wisdom denied for shooting stars


Hedging bets and making deals

one will fight while others feel

Morality sold to dastardly deeds

shielded wounds refuse to bleed


One must come in Jesus’ Name

else one is ammo plying a robbers aim

Misguided intent or truly bad seed

only Sovereign offers the Balm of Gilead






Featured Image by Bucz: One Lost Sheep




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