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Ten Characteristics of the Anti-Christ According to the Bible

Ten Characteristics of the Anti-Christ According to the Bible

All Anti-Christ’s Final Destiny

All of the little “a” anti-Christ’s and the Anti-Christ are ultimately headed to one place; the lake of fire.  If you are denying Jesus Christ is God and that He came in the flesh and lived a perfect, sinless life, that He died for sinners, and was raised again and today sits at the right hand of God, and that He is coming again to judge the world in righteousness, then you are also an anti-Christ (little “a”).  There is nothing that is not forgivable except not believing in Jesus Christ as the Son of God (1 John 1:9).  If you do not believe in Jesus Christ, then you are an anti-Christ and you stand condemned unless you repent (John 3:18).

There is still time to repent if you are reading this. If not, I hate to tell you the bad news of your and the Anti-Christ’s final destination.  It is found in Revelation 20:19-20

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Ten Characteristics of the Anti-Christ According to the Bible

Woman devastated by teenage abortion shares her story to help others

A young woman lying next to Fleck turned to her and dispassionately said, “I’ve had six abortions. You’ll be fine.”

Woman devastated by teenage abortion shares her story to help others

The Peace in Intimacy

Restored Relationship

You’ve got help me, God! I don’t want to live! I know I’m a sinner according to Your Word, forgive me in Jesus’ na- …”

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in deep darkness

be the light

Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants, the prophets. Amos 3:7

The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned. -Isaiah 9

Old Testament Prophet of Sovereign God, Isaiah, foretelling the coming of Christ Jesus some 400 years before our Savior Jesus burst onto the scene in history!

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To Know is to Experience

Before you can be, you have to become
Before you can become, you have to believe
Believe I love you.

The Greatest of These


The United Nations General Assembly has designated January 27—the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau—as International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Corrie ten Boom is the author of the book, The Hiding Place, the true story of her tireless work to save Jewish people during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands in the early 1940s.  After saving about 800 people, Corrie’s family was reported to the Nazis and they were arrested and sent to various concentration camps. She moved to the United States in 1977 and died in 1983 on her 91st birthday.

The Greatest of These is Love (Part 1 of 2)

Dutch watchmaker Corrie ten Boom explains how she got involved in hiding Jews from the Nazis, how she survived years in a concentration camp, and how the Lord helped her forgive her captors.

43 MILLION DEAD in 2021: Not Covid

Merry Christmas

I received an article via email recently and found the information on aborted babies genuinely staggering. What an appalling, egregious commentary on the state of humanity: we now disqualify life, even our own defenseless unborn to the point of murder-wrapped-infanticide.. and celebrate the victory?

Merry Christmas.

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maleficent malingers

So it’s 2 o’clock in the morning and I awaken to relive the offense
ebbing relentless through my mind like a riptide intense
and I’m praying God please help me!
mouthing Scripture to thwart a pointing finger
but I have to leave our bed ’cause the maleficent malingers

And as I open up an app to redirect my mind
much to my chagrin you’ll never guess what I find
but a man of God is speaking on the very evil of offenses
and I smile as I thank God for bringing me back to my senses


Thank you, Lord. You’re ever true to your Promises and I glorify Your Name.

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inclusive light incestuous cover

robbers aim

the whole wide world abhors
a saintly-painted virtuous whore

stained a righteous triune color
rendezvous did ever sully

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amusing the dragon

“She wore her darkness like some wear a little black dress.”

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Redeemer’s Glory

From old wives tales to religious wars
to barely scabbed wounds and canker lores

From bitter ends and fleshly false starts
to truth-weary warriors with laden-stained hearts

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my Lamitation

what if the trials of this life †† are Your mercies in disguise?

Afflicted, I have seen and know what it’s like
    to feel the rod of God’s anger:
An absence of light and only darkness.
    Darkness—that’s where God has driven me.
Against me and me alone, over and over,
    God raises His hand incessantly.

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The Strife Knife

Some dub family curses irreversible
insistence otherwise controversial

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The Harbinger

This is a solemn warning of impending judgement and an invitation to change the course of history- for yourself and those you love.  Please don’t take lightly.  The attached video at the end speaks to us personally- and to us as America!  In Biblical prophecy,  America is not mentioned in the end times.  It is as if we no longer exist…

May God’s Spirit reach you where you are and draw you to repentance and grace. If you are one of His own, may you be impressed to share the Good News that is salvation through Christ Jesus alone- a free gift for the asking- and perhaps the Solemn Warning for those who need to hear before it is too late to make the only right decision. 

In His strength, love, empowerment and Holiness-


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Silence Kills


In a world that can’t see God ‘cause she can’t lose sight of self
Tarries weary, jaded warriors tempted to climb onto a shelf

Burdened by guilt and weighted by sin~ dimmers of the Light
Love is bound and wolves surround when blinded by the night

But dusty tomes have no voice and in silence who will see
Darkness cannot dim the Light nor shackle those made free

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Burdened by Guilt

A man turned off the light and went to bed. Because of this, people died. 

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Raging Grace


Inner rage bitters the sweetest day
casts its pall in myriad ways
Shadows devour to the edge of light
’til even breathing becomes a blight

You’ll note it by its acrid odor
Taste it in its putrid ogre
Sow it in your weakest hour
Lie you in your bed deflowered

Not a shade to gild the face
Strips you bare in raging grace
Exposed and prone on a chantry chaise
Bound and gagged in religious lace

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